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‘B-Cycle’ sets records


Ridership numbers two months ahead of last year

By Rory Seeber

Denver’s innovative “B-Cycle” bike-sharing program reached its “seasonal” goal of 100,000 trips in just five months this year.
    It took two months longer to reach that goal in 2010, the program’s inaugural year.
    “We have seen a substantial increase in daily usage of B-Cycles,” said Parry Burnap, executive director of Denver Bike Sharing, when making the announcement July 25. “With close to 1,000 rides per day in July and more than 200,000 rides total from both seasons combined, we’re excited to see the environmental, economic, and public health benefits bike-sharing has on the community.”

    The record-setting is more impressive when one considers the unseasonable monsoon rains experienced for many days last month.
    Sponsored primarily by Kaiser Permanente, the program is intended to offer residents and visitors a viable transportation option that increases daily activity, saves money, and reduces unhealthful air toxins and carbon emissions.
    Other statistics for 2011 through July include: 21,900 short-term access passes purchased; 2,165 new annual memberships; average trip length 2.05 miles; and 15,409 gallons of gas not used.
    The B-Cycle program, created in part from a bike-sharing project tested during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, was also designed to help meet the goals of the city’s Strategic Transportation Plan by increasing bicycle use, and its Climate Action Plan by reducing carbon dioxide. Members of the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee hope to have bicycling compose 20% of all work commutes in Denver by 2016.
    Currently there are 500 red Trek three-speed bikes with baskets, lights and locks available at 50 solar-powered distribution sites located in a three- to four-mile radius of downtown.


on both cyclists & pedestrians, the city has begun repainting some abusy crosswalks a vibrant red, as seen here at 20th & Colorado. The B-Cycle bike-share program celebrated its 100,000th rider for 2011 last month.


    Riders can purchase 24-hour, seven-day, 30-day or annual access passes to the program. All passes must be purchased by credit card, and only 24-hour passes can be obtained at the distribution stations.
    A 24-hour membership is $6, a weeklong membership is $20, 30 days is $30, and a year just $65. Once registered in the system as a member, there is no charge for the first 30 minutes every time the member checks out a B-Cycle from a station. After 30 minutes additional usage fees apply that escalate every half hour thereafter ($1 for 30-60 minutes & $4 each additional half-hour after that).
    Expansion plans are on tap for the near future but had not been finalized as of deadline.
    For more information, including a map of bike distribution stations, visit denver.bcycle.com, call 303-825-3325, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .