Candidate Q&A Parker Town Council - Brandi Wilks


Brandi Wilks
Brandi Wilks

Name: Brandi Wilks

Profession: Co-owner of Wilks Real Estate here in Parker


Biography: I am a third-generation Parker native. I am 39 years old, and married with four beautiful children. I am a small business owner and community leader.

Why are you running for council?

That’s simple, to give back to the town that has given so much to me in my 39 years here, and to continue to protect that hometown community spirit we have all come to love here in Parker. My grandparents started our family legacy three generations ago in Parker. This town is full of wonderful, powerful people who deserve an equally powerful voice to represent them on town council. It doesn’t matter if you just moved to Parker or if you have been here your entire life, each resident and business owner deserves a representative who truly knows and understands what Parker is and why it is worth protecting.

What do you see as the biggest issue facing Parker right now and how will you address it?  

Responsible growth in the right places. Maintaining that hometown feel takes work. It takes a responsible town council to ensure that the master plan is being followed, that the criteria set forth in our town to protect the residents, the businesses, and the open space is protected while still planning on growth. That will be one of my top priorities on town council.

Town staff reports that housing affordability remains a problem locally. How can the town council address this?  

As a town we need to look at our growing demographic and address the situation that is arising. Affordable housing is no longer a question of if we need it, but rather how we make it happen now. The perception of affordable housing is usually unfairly judged and confused with low-income housing. Low-income housing and affordable housing are apples and oranges and many residents don’t know or haven’t been educated on differentiating the two. Low-income housing is government assisted where as affordable housing is just that, affordable. Working with builders and developers as a town to get affordable housing will be the best way to start addressing the issue. Open communication and working together will ensure success.

What are some of the initiatives you would like to see put in place by the town council?  

Ensuring responsible growth in the right places including traffic solutions and addressing water concerns.

What is your philosophy on growth and maintaining town character?

With my family starting our legacy here three generations ago, protecting Parker is my top priority. I have seen this town grow from 10,000 people to where it is now. Responsible growth in the right places will ensure our town continues to thrive while protecting the existing residential and businesses. Bringing more small businesses to downtown is vital and will increase our town's economy which helps with our parks, trails, recreation, police, and public works. Maintaining the wonderful Parker hometown feel is very attainable when we all work together.

Many businesses in town say they are struggling to recruit employees. What can the town council do to help?  

Working with the local businesses and listening to what they are looking for in regards to support will be key. Each business is unique and each will have different ideas and values around their employees and what a town council can do to help their business thrive and help the owners overcome any struggles including recruitment of employees. It is not just at a town level but many businesses across the state are facing the same issues, so by working together we can come to a solution.

What do you see Parker becoming in the next 20 years?   

Parker has been and always will be in my opinion the best town to live in and be a part of. I see Parker continuing to thrive with our residents, local business and our hometown feel. I see Parker becoming the #1 place to live in America while maintaining our award-winning parks and trails and being the safest place to live. Our town is wonderful and I want to help ensure it stays that way!
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